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Ferric Chloride

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2017-11-02 17:23:37

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Ferric chloride as a efficient and cheap flocculant, it was widely used in industrial water treatment, municipal sewage water treatment, and swiming pool water treatment. With the functions of  remove heavy metal and sulfide, decoloration, deodorization, oil removing, phosphorus removal, reduce COD and BOD.

Name: ferric chloride

Physical form: brown liquid

Molecular formula:FeCl3

CAS No.: 7705-08-0

HS No.: 2827399000

UN No.: 2582

Transport hazard class: 8

Packing group: Ⅱ

EMS No.: F-A, S-B 



Ferric chloride technical data


Technical data


Red brown liquid

FeCl3 Content %


FeCl2 Content %


Water Insoluble %


Free acidity(HCl) %


Specific Gravity(25℃)(g/cm³)


PH Value


As %


Pb %


Hg %


Cd %


Cr %




Ferric chloride application

  • Industrial and sanitary wastewater treatment

  • Inks, food, metals, and oily wastes

  • Blood removal

  • Chelate destruct

  • Sludge dewatering

  • Metals precipitation

  • TSS, FOG, BOD, and COD removal



 Ferric chloride packing

 200L plastic drum, 1000L IBC drum