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Play the best effect Poly aluminum chloride temperature has an impact

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2017-12-19 09:22:40

Play the best results Polyaluminum chloride temperature has an effect on the best results Polyaluminum chloride temperature is affected, autumn to winter, will soon usher in the winter, the more cold this season, any production will be inhibited, Of course, the PAC is the same, in the winter, this can not be very normal production, when in use will also be affected by the cold environment, the effect is not very good, so when the temperature is low Not conducive to production. This situation is very common, especially in the north, when the temperature in winter is very low. If it is difficult to achieve the desired effect of water purification materials, we must take corresponding measures to ensure that there will be further assurances. First introduce the polyaluminium chloride affected by temperature, which is the most common phenomenon, in the case of low temperature and low turbidity greater impact in the case of high temperature and high turbidity less affected, at a temperature of -5 ℃ The time will affect its flocculation effect, where the temperature is too affected but less affected, mainly because of the final process of PAC production is drying, but it should be noted that the high temperature Will make the water in the air deep aluminum chloride, affecting the use of effect. Effect on the polyaluminum chloride effect when the temperature is too low: Many molecular structures change from a very active state to a quiescent state due to the change of temperature. Polyaluminum chloride is also used in this structural analysis Within the scope of its molecular structure at a temperature of 5-20 ℃ when its most stable molecules within the structure, when the temperature dropped below zero when the slow molecules began to stop activities, also affected the polyaluminum chloride Using the effect, the most direct manifestation is that the flocculation effect is not ideal, it is difficult to form alum, and at the same time when the adsorption can not reach the ideal adsorption effect, which further affects the precipitation effect. However, in the winter weather, the temperature in many places Will fall below zero.