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Polyaluminum chloride has become an indispensable industrial waste water treatment of good products

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2017-12-19 09:22:38

Polyaluminum chloride has become an indispensable good product for the treatment of industrial wastewater Domestic and foreign steel companies have different levels of advanced treatment of industrial waste water due to their different advanced technologies. For China Baosteel, its wastewater treatment technology has reached the international advanced level. However, due to the improper technological transformation of other early-built steel mills, there are still some disparities in wastewater treatment technologies compared with foreign advanced technologies. Currently, polymeric aluminum chloride has become an indispensable product for industrial wastewater treatment. Generally speaking, the levels of industrial wastewater treatment in domestic steel enterprises are as follows: (1) The wastewater reuse technologies such as quality water, circulating water, cascade water and multi-purpose water have been basically mastered. (2) The wastewater treatment technology related to yard wastewater, sintering wastewater, blast furnace gas washing water, blast furnace slag water and converter flue gas dusting wastewater has been basically mastered. However, in flocculation agent, drug dosing equipment, flow and water quality monitoring instrument And other equipment manufacturing, coking wastewater treatment there is still a big gap. (3) At present, the recycling rate of process waste water and cooling water in each process of domestic steel enterprises has reached a higher level, and the technology of water quality stabilization has also reached a certain level. However, the control and monitoring equipment for stabilizing water quality and polyaluminium chloride Big gap. (4) Demulsification technology, ultrafiltration technology and waste acid recovery technology for the treatment of rolling milky oil wastewater have made good progress through many years of efforts. However, the dewatering of oily sludge and the practicality and localization of organic membranes have yet to be solved. The overall level and There is still a gap between foreign advanced level.