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Polyaluminium chloride color knowledge do you know?

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2017-12-19 09:22:37

Polyaluminium chloride color knowledge do you know? When we actually buy polyaluminium chloride will find it has a variety of different colors, then what are these colors, different color composition and efficacy What is the difference? The first is the brown polyaluminium chloride, its main ingredient is hydrochloric acid, bauxite, calcium aluminate powder, as well as iron powder. Mainly used for sewage treatment, the effect is very good, it appears brown is the main reason for the iron, the greater the amount of iron color, the deeper the color. The second is the yellow polyaluminum chloride, its main components and basically the same as the tan, but does not contain iron powder, mainly used in sewage treatment and drinking water treatment. Because of its application in the drinking water so the production process and quality requirements are more stringent. The third is white aluminum chloride, the main ingredient is high-quality aluminum hydroxide, hydrochloric acid, mainly used in daily life-related medicine, cosmetics and other aspects of water treatment, high quality requirements, production costs are high.