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Determine the polyaluminum chloride purification effect of the factors

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2017-12-19 09:22:36

The factors that determine the purification effect of polyaluminum chloride Polyaluminum chloride as an efficient water treatment agent, under what conditions to achieve the effect of water purification, what are the impact factors in the application? The following is the impact of water treatment four Factors: 1, water alkalinity is one of the main factors that affect the aggregation, suspended particles content of the flocculation, cohesion stage are affected. As different pH value of the hydrolysis of aluminum products after the different forms, the effect of coagulation are not the same. 2, if the impurities in the water is too low, it is not conducive to agglomeration due to adverse impact on the collision of particles, that is, when the turbidity in water is low, the coagulation effect is often poor. Although the coagulant itself is not bactericidal, but it is to remove harmful substances such as microorganisms in water play a significant role. As microorganisms attach more to aerosols and organic matter, as much as 60-90% of the microorganisms are removed as particulates and organic matter are removed by flocculation. 3, different varieties of aluminum chloride, dosage and cohesion effect is also different. Therefore, water treatment should be based on different water quality selection of appropriate treatment agent. 4, the water temperature will also have a great impact on PAC. Water temperature decreases, the cohesion results accordingly reduced. Because water temperature has a significant effect on the formation speed and the final size of flocs, even increasing the coagulant dosage and creating good reaction conditions can not make up for the influence of the decrease of water temperature on the coagulation effect. When the water temperature is low, an anionic inorganic polymer electrolyte, activated silicic acid, can be used to bridge the negative colloid in the water to improve the cohesion effect.