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Polyaluminum chloride plays a huge role in water treatment

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2017-12-19 09:22:35

Polyaluminum chloride in water treatment plays a tremendous role Poly aluminum chloride raw materials used mainly for the development and utilization of their own mineral resources according to local conditions, the initial production of polyaluminum chloride in China from aluminum ash as raw material, due to aluminum ash Raw material costs are low, the production process concise, the production technology seized rapidly in our country in the seventies, but more aluminum chloride aluminum chloride production impurities, is no longer used for tap water purification, China's production of PAC used Raw materials have gradually shifted to aluminum hydroxide, in addition, there are some production plants using aluminum chloride and aluminum as raw materials. In water treatment, flocculation is one of the most effective methods, which is through the chemical mechanism of colloidal substances and small suspended particles gathered into a large aggregate, in order to improve the collection of these dissolved all kinds of impurities absorption, which has Conducive to the subsequent deposition, flotation filtration process to exclude these substances.