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What should I do if I can not tell when the polyaluminum chloride is good or bad?

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2017-12-19 09:22:33

What should I do if I can not tell when the polyaluminum chloride is good or bad? The main indicators of PAC are: alumina content, the basic degree of salt, water insoluble and several, these indicators are directly related to the quality of polyaluminum chloride, polyaluminum chloride is an inorganic polymer Coagulant, which is produced by the bridging effect of hydroxyl ions and the polymerization of multivalent ions, has a higher molecular weight and a higher charge of inorganic polymeric water treatment chemicals. In general, it is impossible to test whether the indicators of the PAC meet the requirements of the factories. However, what are some simple ways to know the ingredients in the PAC? That is the appearance, the appearance of the quality of the aluminum chloride and the basicity of the salt, manufacturing methods, impurities and alumina content have a certain relationship, pure liquid PAC, the base degree of 40% -60% For the light yellow transparent liquid, when it is more than 60%, it gradually becomes a colorless and transparent liquid. When the basicity of the solid polyaluminum chloride is under 30%, it is crystalline, and in the range of 30% -60% 60% or more gradually become vitreous or resinous, while the use of bauxite or clay ore made of solid polyaluminium chloride color yellow or brown, in the choice, the smaller the value of the basic salt, polyaluminium chloride volume the more Large, high alumina content of water insoluble matter is low, yellow color, low water content of alumina insoluble to engage in, the color is dark, generally respect this rule, when you really can not tell the good PAC When it's bad, try it this way. However, in actual operation or to specific analysis, according to their own needs, so for their own use of PAC.