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The addition of phosphoric acid to the wastewater helps polyaluminum chloride improve performance

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2017-12-19 09:22:30

Adding phosphoric acid to wastewater helps polyaluminum chloride improve performance Adding phosphoric acid to sewage helps polyaluminum chloride improve performance. We all know that when appropriate, we need to supplement the body with a certain element to help detoxify the body and apply it to actual industrial production. Adding a certain amount of phosphoric acid into the sewage can help to decompose the pollutants in the wastewater and improve the polymerization chlorination Aluminum wastewater treatment performance. The reason why phosphoric acid is added into wastewater to help polyaluminum chloride improve its performance is that phosphoric acid, as an essential nutrient of microorganisms in sewage, increases the activity of microorganisms and improves the ability of microorganisms to hydrolyze water pollutants. It is a certain scientific experiment to give certain nutrients to microorganisms in water to improve the efficiency of the treatment of high-end organic matter. Working with my company's water treatment company staff in the measurement of important nutrients in water microbes found in the process, the role of phosphoric acid on microbial activity enhancement. This auxiliary effect increases the flocculation rate of polyaluminum chloride, while improving the purity of water treatment, reducing the content of various impurities.