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Polyaluminium chloride can be achieved by the waste of waste purposes

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2017-12-19 09:22:27

Polyaluminium chloride can be achieved with the purpose of waste scrap China made of polyaluminum chloride selected materials: the first to tailor-make to develop and use their own mineral resources, China started production of polyaluminum as a material, Because of the low cost of aluminum gray material, production process concise, the production process in the seventies in China, quick access, but aluminum polychlorinated aluminum produced more impurities in the commodity, after the eighties is no longer used for tap water purification, In the early 1980s, polyaluminum chloride was the first choice of the production of materials, clay minerals, high-grade ore and bauxite produced Poly aluminum chloride products, in addition to iron, the other indicators can reach the advanced level abroad, but because of the residue Large amount, poor appearance, coupled with the rapid development of China Aluminum, the early 90s, the material used for the production of China's poly aluminum chloride has gradually shifted to aluminum hydroxide. In addition, there are some production plants using aluminum chloride and aluminum as the material. Polyaluminum chloride manufacturers aluminum chloride flocculant mechanism of action: colloidal particle destabilization process known as the process of destabilization, destabilization means that the liquid has been uniform and scattered solid particles linked into larger particles, from Liquid deposition, this phenomenon is called agglutination, the degree of agglomeration can be divided into coagulation nuclear flocculation, aggregation is not large, even after a simple mixing can make solid particles from scratch the reversibility of such as flocculation, Only a simple mixing is not able to make solid particles from scratch, the investment flocculant can accelerate the colloidal particles in water into large particles, the effect of the mechanism of the following: a contraction of the electric double layer and the charge-neutralization effect b. Macromolecule flocculant adsorption bridging effect c. Floc swirling deposition effect Polyaluminum chloride has a wide range of raw materials, low cost, and can reach the purpose of waste generation and waste, which is very suitable for China's national conditions, Therefore, the study of polymeric aluminum composite flocculant has excellent scientific value and serious implications of internship production.