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River pollution treatment - without delay

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2017-12-19 09:22:00

River pollution treatment - an urgent need to deal with the pollution of the river - an urgent need a river wave width, the wind blowing rice floral incense both sides, my family live on the shore ... ... "Unfortunately, there is no river can match the song. The pollution of the Huaihe River and the pollution of Taihu Lake in Jiangsu Province are extremely imminent. How should we deal with these pollution? Polymeric aluminum chloride has been widely used as flocculant, so what is the role of polluting rivers and lakes? Most of the pollution from rivers, lakes and lakes is the result of damage to the growth of seaweeds or the discharge of heavy metal waste into water by some manufacturers, because of the morphological distribution of polyaluminum chlorides Affect the coagulation algae removal, turbidity efficiency, and residual aluminum concentration in the coagulation effluent.Polymeric aluminum chloride has the advantages of large molecular structure, strong adsorption capacity, low dosage, low treatment cost, good solubility and high activity in water Agglomeration of alum large, fast settling, than other inorganic flocculants 2-3 times the ability to purify. Poly aluminum chloride adaptability, water PH value and temperature of small, purified water to meet the national standard of reference water.Usually, for the pollution of the river we will implement dilution, treatment, interception and other treatment.We all know that PAC is mainly used for sewage (Including industrial and domestic), drinking water treatment, especially in the treatment of heavy metal pollution, low cost, good effect, it is recognized as the "king" of water treatment, water treatment products in the proportion of more than 70% is governance River pollution of the preferred product.