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Effect of polyaluminum chloride on the treatment effect of sewage PH value

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2017-12-19 09:21:59

Effect of polyaluminum chloride on the treatment effect of sewage PH Long-term use of polyaluminum chloride for sewage treatment people know that polyaluminum chloride is a bisexual material in the water treatment process, the general PH value should be controlled in what extent Better inside? Acidic or alkaline alkalinity on water treatment effect? ​​Polyaluminium chloride used in sewage treatment, accurately speaking, aluminum chloride in PAC is bisexual, according to water treatment experience shows that the general polymerization of aluminum chloride in 6-9 is within the scope of the normal work, the most suitable PH value is between 6.8-8.5, regular contact with sewage treatment people should know the scope of the PH value. Polyaluminum chloride when used, you must first dissolve it into an aqueous solution, the ratio of 5%, the water used to dissolve must be neutral, the general recommended ph 6-8 best solution, or it will affect the polyaluminum chloride Flocculation performance of aqueous solution, according to "drinking water standards", tap water PH value should be controlled within the range of 6.5-8.5. Just in line with the pH of the water that needs to be dissolved when the PAC solid dissolves. The use of polyaluminum chloride to produce the role is mainly because of its hydrolysis produced aluminum hydroxide colloid adsorption co-precipitation of colloidal water contaminants. When the pH value of the water is acidic, aluminum ions do not form aluminum hydroxide colloids, but exist as free aluminum ions, so they do not have any effect on pollutants in the wastewater. When the pH of the water body is strong and alkaline, the aluminum hydroxide colloid can form the partial aluminate with hydroxide, thus losing the function of adsorbing and coprecipitating. Therefore, the use of polyaluminum chloride must first adjust the pH of the sewage to reach the best range, otherwise it will affect the use of polyaluminum chloride effect, there is the polyaluminum chloride solution used to dissolve water PH value must be in Sex. Otherwise, PAC solution will fail, can not produce flocculation sedimentation effect.