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The influence of the degree of polyaluminum chloride base on product use

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2017-12-19 09:21:56

First, let us know what is the basic degree of polyaluminum chloride: The structure of polyaluminum chloride is composed of polyhydroxy complexes with varied morphology and polymers, which are Amorphous inorganic polymers, polyaluminum chloride and thus show many different from the traditional coagulant specific coagulation function. Polyaluminum chloride is the basic component of OH. The basic measure of OH ion in polyaluminum chloride is Basicity (abbreviated as B), which is usually defined as polyaluminum chloride Equivalent percentage of OH to Al [1,2]: B = [OH] / [Al] × 100 (%). Polyaluminum chloride is understood as a hydrolysis product between normal salt AlCl3 and alkali Al (OH) 3. In general, the polyaluminum chloride basicity is in the range of 16.7% -83.3%, and the Japanese standard basicity is 45% -65%. Polyaluminum chloride basic degree of impact: 1. Poly aluminum chloride three major indicators, aluminum content, the basicity of the salt, water insoluble, the basicity of the salt is an important indicator, but also a reference to control the production of manufacturers index. Salt base degree is one of the most important quality indicators of polyaluminum chloride products and also the most important production control parameter. 2. Ruixiang water treatment plant mainly supplies solid aluminum polychloride, for solid polyaluminum chloride, the basic degree of this indicator is very important, under normal circumstances, the basicity of the PAC-40-95% ( The basicity of the salt is adjustable) 3. Raising the basicity of the polyaluminum chloride product can greatly enhance the economic benefits of production and use. Salt base from 65% to 92%, the cost of raw materials can be reduced by 20%, the use of cost can be reduced by 40%.