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Poly aluminum chloride manufacturers talk about the use of polyaluminum chloride

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2017-12-19 09:21:49

Polyaluminum chloride manufacturers talk about the use of polyaluminum chloride Global warming in the environment, people are also increasingly demanding environment, water pollution is one of the issues of greatest concern. China's development for the national standard of PAC is also a concern for water treatment. Today's filter water purification manufacturers talk about the use of polyaluminum chloride. ⒈ use should be based on water quality for a small test, select the water effect is good, the best volume of small points. The solution should be used along with the use of non-potable water should be based on the actual situation of the selected amount. ⒉ solid, the first water to dissolve to 10-25% to accompany the solution, and then diluted to the desired concentration of water, dissolved in the first water slowly feed, and continue to stir. ⒊ different manufacturers or different brands of water treatment chemicals can not be mixed, and may not be mixed with other chemicals. ⒋ stock solution and dilution slightly corrosive, but lower than other kinds of inorganic flocculants. ⒌ effective storage period: liquid six months, solid two years. Solid product tide can still be used. Polyaluminum chloride according to the knowledge of manufacturers by adding a reasonable, purified water quality in line with drinking water health standards. Filter water purification factory building 30 years, more professional technology, more warm service, welcome your arrival.