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Knowing Polymeric Chloride Flocculant - Look at this knowledge

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2017-12-19 09:21:49

Understanding of PAC flocculant - See the knowledge of PAC flocculant products, filter water purification materials Xiaobian Please come together to understand this knowledge, PAC is affordable, is a new type of high-performance flocculant And water purifying agent, has wide application range and wide adaptability to water. The monomer is liquid basic aluminum chloride [Al2 (OH) nCl6-n] and has wide distribution of raw materials, low price and low cost. The chemical composition is as follows: Al2O3 (25% -34%), SiO2 (40% -50%), Fe2O3 (0.5% -3.0%) and a small amount of impurities and water. Poly aluminum chloride English name: Polyaluminium chloride, abbreviation PAC [Molecular formula] [AL2 (OH) LnCL6-n] m [Technical standards], polyaluminum chloride flocculant product quality in line with national GB15892-2003 standards, and other coagulant phase Compared with the precipitation performance, easy to quickly form a large alum, PAC suitable PH value range (5-9), and the water PH value and alkalinity decreased slightly, the water temperature is low, you can still To maintain a stable precipitation effect, alkalinity than other aluminum salts, iron salts, the role of small equipment erosion. Polyaluminum chloride flocculant products mainly through the compression of the double layer, the absorption of electric neutralization, adsorption bridging, sediment net capture and other mechanisms of action, the edema of fine suspended particles and colloidal ions destabilization, aggregation, flocculation, coagulation, precipitation, To achieve the purification effect, the use of the product (solid) and water at room temperature by 1/3 weight ratio while stirring dosing until completely dissolved, and then diluted with water to the desired concentration of raw water concentration of 100 ~ 500mg / When the dosage is 3 ~ 6mg / I. Specific dosing, water quality should be based on water test, select the appropriate dosage and put it into use, the effect is significant. In use, according to the different conditions of raw water, before use can be a small test to get the ideal dosing - and observe the operation of the adjustment, in order to facilitate the calculation, small test solution configuration by weight (W / W), generally 2 ~ 5% with good. If equipped with 3% solution: said polyaluminum chloride solid 3g, into a clean 200ml measuring cylinder, add about 50ml of water, to be dissolved and diluted with water to 100ml scale, shake well. It is usually produced by mixing PAC solid PAC: water = 1: 9 to 1:15 by weight (liquid product is 1: 2 to 1: 5), and the solution with alumina content less than 1% is easily hydrolyzed , Will reduce the use of effect, the concentration is too high not easy to vote evenly. Solid PAC PAC PAC flocculant products for the 25kg bag, the inner plastic film, the outer plastic woven bags, PAC flocculant products should be stored indoors in dry, ventilated, cool place, and do not damp should Store in a dry, sun-free, well-ventilated warehouse not mixed with strong alkaline chemicals to maintain its best potency.