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Common waste water meets polyaluminum chloride - immediately become a variety

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2017-12-19 09:21:48

Common waste water encountered PAC - immediately become a water full of everything, no water worries, when dealing with sewage, we are the most common kind of purified water purification materials - PAC water purification PAC, Water has played a decisive role in protecting water resources. Water makes life go back on as long as possible. Let us all cherish life together, cherish the water, pay attention to and pay attention to the purified water of aluminum chloride. Common wastewater encountered PAC - immediately become a variety, the following, we filter water purification Xiaobian to introduce several common effects of wastewater after use, to be specified: First, oily wastewater treatment, we know that the general Oily waste water treatment mainly adopts oil separation, air flotation and biochemical methods, for this wastewater treatment, the use of polyaluminium chloride and modified cationic polyacrylamide used in conjunction with a very good treatment effect. Second, domestic water (washing wastewater) treatment, due to the water contains a lot of surfactant, and oil, dust and other particles interact to form a negatively charged colloidal particles, stable and easy to stay in the water, if in the Adding appropriate amount of polyaluminum chloride into the wastewater will generate a large amount of positively charged cations, which will make the charges suspended on the surface of the micelle have a strong ability to adsorb electricity and compress the electric double layer, so that the colloid Particle destabilization, and then the pollutants adsorption precipitation separation of water purification effect. Third, the printing and dyeing wastewater treatment, printing and dyeing wastewater has a high COD, color and pH value, although the coagulation effect of PAC is good, but PAC PAC on the high alkalinity of dyeing wastewater was poor , The application is subject to certain restrictions. If the polyacrylamide coagulant is used in combination, the synergistic effect between the two is taken advantage of and the synergistic effect of the same ion effect. The treatment of printing and dyeing wastewater can reduce the processing cost and improve the purification effect. Fourth, industrial papermaking wastewater treatment, PAC coagulation and sedimentation treatment of papermaking water, with the increase of the basicity of the salt, COD and SS removal rate increases, can make the effluent meet the national emission standards, due to polyaluminum chloride In the papermaking wastewater treatment, because of low price, and the sediment can be returned to the papermaking process as the raw material, there is no secondary pollution problem, and can produce certain economic benefits.