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Water purification materials in rural life sewage treatment considerations

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2017-12-19 09:21:46

Water purification materials in rural life sewage treatment considerations When it comes to sewage treatment water purification materials, people first thought of the product is polyaluminum chloride and polyacrylamide, these two kinds of water purification agents universality, merit, The market is wide and the treatment effect is very good. The highest goal of pollution control is to realize the reduction, reuse and waste recycling of resources, and the former water resources utilization is the one-way linear water resource system of "water supply-water-drainage" , Resulting in a great waste of water resources, and now we filter the source of water purification materials manufacturers and we work together to achieve is the "water - water - drainage - wastewater reuse," the closed-loop water recycling system. The treatment of rural domestic sewage usually has the features of simple process, guaranteed treatment effect, simple operation and maintenance and high overall efficiency. It is more and more important to select suitable technology for domestic rural sewage treatment. Suitable rural domestic sewage treatment technology We must meet the requirements in terms of technology, economy, maintenance and management, and integrate with the local ecological and rural areas. We should pay attention to all kinds of water purification materials in rural domestic sewage treatment, Get up and learn. With the continuous improvement of living conditions in rural areas, the composition of domestic sewage is also more and more complex, and its water quality and water volume will fluctuate greatly in different time periods. The treated sewage should be considered for reuse as much as possible in order to save water resources Purpose, we must take full account of the level of local economic development, the basis of the economic viability of local rural areas, the choice of rural domestic sewage treatment process should be based on local natural conditions, ecological conditions and economic affordability conditions, step by step, step by step Therefore, the filter source of water purification material Xiaobian that the rural life sewage treatment process must be directed against the characteristics of rural domestic sewage, in particular, to improve the handling of the impact resistance, so that the effluent quality to meet the relevant national emission standards, filter Source of polyaluminum chloride, polyaluminum chloride, polyacrylamide and other water purification materials on rural sewage treatment can achieve good results