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Carborundum grinding is used to repair the advantages of cement concrete pavement

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2017-12-13 14:43:22

Advantages of Corundum Grinding for Repairing Cement Concrete Pavement Advantages of Corundum Grinding for Repairing Cement Concrete Pavement Corundum is used in many fields and in all walks of life. Today Xiao Bian takes everyone to understand the advantages of corundum grinding in repairing cement concrete pavement. The main advantages are as follows: a) Corundum grinding can provide a smooth and flat surface to extend the life of the concrete pavement. It eliminates pavement defects caused by the long-term effects of traffic and weather, and smoothes the life of the pavement even longer under traffic load. One of the reasons is the reduced dynamic or impact load. B) Emery grinding is effective for all classes of roads from airports, interstates to city streets. One reason is its low cost, which in most cases costs less than half the cost of asphalt overlay. This cost competitiveness, coupled with the problems often encountered in asphalt surfacing (rutting, washboards, slip resistance), makes emery grinding an attractive option for many repair projects. Although in most cases, emery grinding technology is part of the Concrete Pavement Restoration (CPR) program. C) Emery grinding smoothly transitions to the adjacent pavement structure and therefore only needs to be repaired where it does not improve pavement elevation. D) Emery grinding technology does not change the urban road drainage conditions. E) Carborundum grinding increases the surface friction and the safety of the old pavement. After grinding, the corduroye-like surface provides adequate access to water under the vehicle tires to reduce the possibility of slipping. Emery grinding technology is a widely applicable method. With the complete set of pavement repair grinding can eliminate convex hull on the new pavement, the pavement has been gradually produced some of the undesirable conditions, such as: the wrong road pavement or plate warp, nail-shaped tire deformation caused by pavement, drainage slope is inappropriate and the road is too Smooth, etc. to re-level. Emery grinding is often used in combination with at least one other method.