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Fiber ball media work standards also have requirements

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2017-12-13 14:43:21

Fiber ball media also require work standards Fiber ball filter is formed by the tie of fiber, it is compared with the traditional steel filter material with good elastic results, not floating on the surface, leisure time, long task period, the head Loss of minor strengths. In the filtering process, the stratification of the filter layer gradually decreases along the flow of water. Compared with the fantasy filter, it is released from the upper and lower pores, which has the advantages of high efficiency, fast filtration speed (20-85 m / h), large interception capacity and good filtering result , Renewable, gas, water recoil brush, flushing water volume of 1-2% of the filtered water, combined for various types of water quality filtration. Due to the strong adsorption capacity of the fiber ball filter, the packaging is very demanding. Usually, the double-layer endomembrane package needs to be used during storage and transportation to play the role of moisture-proof and waterproof. Fiber ball filter work standards: (1) According to the amount of water and sediment water turbidity appropriate control of filtration rate, to ensure that after filtration of water quality, if the influent is too large, it will affect the performance of the fiber ball filter. (2) Every 1-2 hours to observe once into the water turbidity, pH, residual chlorine, head loss, correctly fill in the production date report. (3) Responsible for the opening, closing and washing of the fiber ball media filter and the elimination of accidents. (4) do a good job of maintenance, with a good two maintenance and participate in fiber ball filter filter overhaul work. (5) Keep close contact with the dispatching, primary and secondary pump stations and operators, and adjust the operation in time.