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Effect Analysis of Alkaline Aluminum Chloride Process Applied to Acid Wastewater Treatment

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2017-12-13 14:43:19

Effect of Alkaline Aluminum Chloride Process Used in Acid Wastewater Treatment Analysis of the Effect of Alkaline Aluminum Chloride Process Used in Acid Wastewater Treatment Acid wastewater in industrial production is also the type of wastewater with the largest amount of water in cold-rolled waste water, This type of wastewater treatment is mainly the method of lime neutralization. Although there is a certain effect, but still not mature enough. Based on this foundation, the filter plant developed basic aluminum chloride through a series of experiments and proved that the effect of basic aluminum chloride in treating acidic wastewater is very obvious. The basic aluminum chloride process is relatively mature, on how to improve the sludge solid content and other factors that affect the quality of the effluent is a very important study. According to market analysis, basic aluminum chloride filter has been widely used in acid wastewater in the fields of metallurgy and chemical industry. The product after the high-density sludge process, the average particle size of the precipitated sludge can be increased from 1 μ m to 5 μ m or more, the sedimentation tank underflow sludge concentration of up to 15% (solid content), the dehydrator dehydration After the sludge solid content can be increased from 25% to 40%, the total volume of sludge can be reduced by 60 to 65%. In addition, the use of basic aluminum chloride high-density sludge process, the stability of the wastewater treatment system has been significantly improved.