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Zhenyu water summary oily wastewater treatment using the basic usage of polyaluminum chloride

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2017-12-13 14:43:17

Source of filtered water Summary Oily wastewater treatment using the basic use of polyaluminium chloride Source of filtered water Summary Oily wastewater treatment The basic use of polyaluminum chloride Basic principles of oil-containing wastewater salting method is to compress the oil particles at the water surface interface The thickness of the electric double layer destabilizes the oil particles. Pure salting-out polyaluminium chloride dosage is large (1% ~ 5%), and the speed of analysis is slow, settling and separation is generally above 24h, and the sewage treatment equipment covers an area of ​​large, surfactant polychlorinated Al-stabilized oil-containing emulsions do not work well. However, due to the simple operation and low cost, the method is more effective and can be used as a primary treatment of sewage more widely. Polymeric aluminum chloride flocculation method of oily wastewater treatment: Commonly used inorganic flocculant polyaluminum chloride is aluminum salts and iron salts, especially in recent years appeared inorganic polymer flocculant PAC, such as polyferric sulfate and polyacrylamide, with its use Less efficient and less effective - the optimal pH range wider advantages into the market, more and more people's attention and praise. Although the inorganic flocculant PAC treatment speed, miniaturization of the device than the salting-out method but polyaluminum chloride pharmaceutical cheaper, more sludge generation must be dealt with. Organic polymer flocculant currently polyaluminum chloride in the treatment of oily wastewater can also be used as an adjunct to other methods. This article by the filter water http://www.gyzhenyu.com finishing release, if reproduced, please indicate the future!