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Zhenyu water introduced several suitable for small town sewage treatment process

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2017-12-13 14:43:14

The introduction of several types of filter water purification technology suitable for small town sewage filter water purification technology introduced several suitable for small town sewage treatment process China's urban sewage treatment process has been more mature, with the big cities, small Due to their economic strength and their own geographical constraints, cities and towns are relatively slow in the development of sewage treatment technologies. We can see from the above situation, the core points of small town sewage treatment is: the process is simple, easy to maintain, environmentally friendly and sustainable development. Filter water is now introduced several suitable for small town sewage treatment technology, and put forward the development trend of China's small town sewage treatment process. Land treatment system The sewage land treatment system refers to the ecological engineering that uses the terrestrial ecosystem composed of soil-microbes and plants such as farmland and woodland to comprehensively purify the pollutants. It can treat the urban sewage and realize the recycling of sewage Harmless. At present, commonly used processes are slow infiltration system, rapid infiltration system, surface flow system, wetland treatment system and underground infiltration system. In the land treatment system is the most widely used, the most mature research is constructed wetland treatment system. The five indispensable components of a constructed wetland system are permeable matrices, plants, water bodies, invertebrates or vertebrates that can grow in saturated water and anaerobic matrices, and aerobic or anaerobic microbial populations, respectively. The land treatment system uses these parts to process pollutants through physical filtration, physical adsorption and deposition, physicochemical adsorption, chemical reaction and precipitation, microbial metabolism and organic biodegradation. The wetland treatment system is similar to the above-mentioned natural purification treatment system. The main advantage of the constructed wetland is its simple operation, low investment and low energy consumption. However, its area is relatively large. Therefore, the constructed wetland treatment system is more suitable for small towns in agricultural areas where land use is not too tight. Anaerobic hydrolysis - high-load biofilter Anaerobic hydrolysis - high-load biofilter in recent years in order to adapt to the characteristics of small town sewage treatment process generated. The process is mainly the pretreatment process from the traditional primary sedimentation tank to anaerobic hydrolysis filter, while the traditional high-load biofilter on the basis of its process technology has made important technological innovations. The upgraded process not only has the advantages of high load and high efficiency, but also greatly reduces the filter effluent recirculation system by adopting a new type of plastic module packing with high void ratio, high attachment area and high secondary water distribution performance The operation of the energy consumption and construction investment costs. As a new technology, anaerobic hydrolysis - high-load biological filter has the following salient advantages: First, compared with the ordinary activated sludge method, the process greatly reduce the amount of mud produced, which to some extent, reduce the pollution Mud treatment, disposal costs, but also reduce the secondary pollution. This information is provided by http://www.gyzhenyu.com. If reprint, please indicate the future!