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Zhenyu poly aluminum chloride traditional production technology and advanced spray drying production

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2017-12-13 14:43:13

Source of polyaluminum chloride Traditional production process and advanced spray drying Production process Polyaluminum chloride source The traditional production process and advanced spray drying Production process Water-insoluble material is a requisite purchase of aluminum polychloride indicators , How to control the water-insoluble polyaluminum chloride to meet the national standards, the main determinants of the merits of raw materials and production processes and the settlement of the length of time. Traditional polyaluminum chloride production process is the drum drying method is not the mainstream production process, the use of traditional production processes to control the index of polyaluminium chloride water-insoluble There are two ways, first: through Frame filter press process to make it insoluble in water to reach national targets, followed by the current method is the most commonly used polyaluminum chloride producers: natural precipitation, in order to control by natural precipitation of water-insoluble materials, except for raw materials outside the strict control , Precipitation time is also very important, generally precipitation 3-5 days to reach the standard. Speaking of the traditional production process, we come to understand the most advanced production technology spray drying method, this equipment produced by the quality of polyaluminium rods, water insoluble matter is also very low and national standards, but because of the This investment cost is too high, so it has not been widely promoted and used in the market. In addition to using the production process to control water insoluble indicators, through raw materials can also be controlled, the traditional raw materials of aluminum chloride are: aluminum hydroxide powder, calcium aluminate powder, bauxite, and hydrochloric acid. Polyaluminum chloride produced by using aluminum hydroxide powder can greatly reduce the polyaluminum chloride water insoluble matter, and the goods produced by using calcium aluminate powder and bauxite are likely to exceed the standard if the production process is not well controlled . According to the actual demand of the market, the raw materials of polyaluminum chloride raw materials, besides aluminum and iron, also contain other metals such as calcium and magnesium. The appearance of these so-called "impurity" metal ions is caused by impure raw materials. Experiments show that, like calcium, magnesium and other metal ions, often can improve the flocculation effect of the main coagulant, for some industrial wastewater, the effect is more significant. This article by the filter source water from http://www.gyzhenyu.com finishing release