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In the process of using polyaluminum chloride how to save the treatment effect is good?

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2017-12-13 14:41:09

In the use of polyaluminum chloride process can be saved into the treatment effect is good? In the use of polyaluminum chloride, should be diluted according to their own needs of liquid products, choose the best dosage of polyaluminum chloride, with the use of Put to save costs and deal with good results. Then the user in the purchase of polyaluminum chloride is more important when the cost, if the amount is relatively small, naturally choose from their company closer to the polyaluminum chloride manufacturers, far transport costs relatively high, if you need the amount of More, you can take into account the manufacturers of aluminum polychloride direct purchase of raw materials, aluminum chloride rich areas, these areas rich in raw materials, the prices are generally relatively low, such as Gongyi area, you can call the consultation The price, generally each specification is lower than the local price. Another point is very important, maybe you in the consultation process, the question why the price of PAC so much difference, and some more than 1,000, and some 3,000, in fact, polyaluminum chloride polluting wastewater treatment polyaluminum chloride , There are also drinking water treatment with polyaluminum chloride, polyaluminum chloride for treatment of drinking water is certainly more expensive than sewage, depending on your needs. The last point is to use slightly, a reasonable dosage will not result in waste, but also to achieve good water purification effect, in general, the dosage is determined as follows: 1, production by polyaluminum chloride solid: water = 1: 9 to 1:15 by weight (1: 2 to 1: 5 for liquid products). Alumina content of less than 1% of the solution is easy to hydrolysis, will reduce the use of effect, the concentration is too high not easy to vote evenly. 2, dosing by small test to get the best dosage dosing, and pay attention to observe the adjustment in operation. See the settling pond alum less, Yuzhu large, the dosage is too small; the contrary, the dosage is too large, should be properly adjusted. 3, according to the different conditions of the raw water, before use, try to get the best dose. For ease of calculation, small test solution configuration by weight (W / W), usually 2 ~ 5% with good. Remind everyone that when choosing a manufacturer, it is necessary to select polyaluminum chloride PAC according to the water quality of the locality where they are located. The polyaluminum chloride produced by different manufacturers is also different in water quality, such as water PH, water temperature, Water turbidity and so on, if the current use of a certain degree of polyaluminum chloride good results, you also purchase in accordance with the current specifications, the current process of such products is basically the same, as long as the next standard basically the same effect, the recommended filter Source of purified water PAC, cheaper effect is more pronounced.