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Poly aluminum chloride for the treatment of various sewage and drinking water

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2017-12-13 14:41:08

Polyaluminium chloride is used to treat polluted and potable water polyaluminum chloride (PAC), also known as basic aluminum chloride or aluminum hydroxychloride. Is a kind of water purification material, inorganic polymer coagulant, due to the bridging effect of hydroxide ions and the polymerization of polyvalent anions to produce larger molecular weight, higher charge inorganic polymeric water treatment chemicals. Different colors of aluminum chloride in the application and production technology is also a big difference. Through it or its hydrolyzate so that the colloids in sewage or sludge quickly formed precipitation, easy separation of large particles of sediment. PAC has the formula [AL2 (OH) nCl6-n] m, where n is any integer from 1 to 5, and m is the degree of polymerization, ie, the number of chain links, the value of m being not greater than 10. The clotting effect of PAC is closely related to the ratio of OH to AL (n value). It is usually expressed by the degree of alkalization B = [OH] / (3 [AL]) X100%. B requires 40-60%, suitable pH range 5-9. Polyaluminum chloride is mainly used for a variety of sewage treatment or drinking water treatment, in the face of today's different water quality, polyaluminium chloride can handle it? As a polyaluminum chloride manufacturer, filter water purification Material plant combined with years of experience in water treatment, tell you that PAC is not a panacea. Even the simplest water quality, if you do not find the best dosage, the best quality products are also not good to deal with these waste water, and today we talk to you about how PAC currently deal with difficult wastewater. Highly difficult wastewater generally refers to the wastewater that is difficult to biodegrade during industrial production. Most industrial wastewater is in the range of difficult wastewater (BOD / COD less than 0.3), mainly including tanning wastewater, printing and dyeing wastewater, warehousing and chemical industry Wastewater, Paper Wastewater, Electroplating Wastewater, Sodium Sulfate Wastewater, Pharmaceutical Wastewater, Semiconductor Wastewater, Coking Wastewater, Metallurgical Wastewater, Vanillin Wastewater, and Ferment Wastewater. Relatively speaking, the environmental protection industry in China started relatively late, but its development speed is very fast. Under the cooperation of the scientific and technological circles and industrialists, it has become a prairie fire that environmental science is gradually developing into a comprehensive discipline. It should be affirmed that some industrial wastewater management has successfully applied both domestic and imported technologies and has achieved good social and environmental benefits. However, it should be calmly aware that the idea of ​​quick success requires many technicians to spend a lot of manpower and resources on the process Change, equipment modification, microbial growth environment optimization, but biochemical treatment play a decisive role in the micro-organisms, actually very few people are interested, so difficult to deal with the wastewater technology, equipment and conditions to make every attempt to solve the problem. Wastewater treatment AO method, AAO method, AOAO method and OAOA method have appeared one after another, a variety of packing patents and manufacturers are numerous, production companies often spend huge sums of money to build, transform waste water treatment systems, polyaluminium chloride is a busy scene .