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To answer your questions polluting polluting ammonia nitrogen water quality reasons

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2017-12-13 14:41:05

For your answer sewage polluting polluting water quality ammonia nitrogen exceeded the cause of the filter water purification materials factory direct a large number of direct marketing: the various grades of PAC PAC: 26%, 27%, 28%, 30% eliminating the need for intermediate links to National distributors and users to provide first-hand ex-factory price, long-term cooperation of large concessions! In one of our wastewater treatment plant customers, his wastewater treatment station now uses AAO, coarse gratings - fine grids - cyclone grit - AAO-sedimentation - effluent, influent: COD250, SS170, ammonia nitrogen 12, BOD50, effluent: COD50, SS10, ammonia nitrogen 10 (standard 8). However, due to the existing industrial wastewater entering, in order to decolorize, the secondary settling tank plus 50ppm aluminum chloride, decolorizing agent 15ppm ammonia in December is still excessive, before the normal, low load do not worry, so try to improve the pollution Mud concentration and mud age, but still no effect. Now the sewage station managers think it is caused by aluminum poisoning, but can not be confirmed, and when the temperature is high in summer when everything is normal, the original microscopic examination of raw animals rarely, and now the same, microscopic examination of worm shell, wheel Insects, clockworms very few, what is the reason? How to deal with it? In fact, if caused by aluminum poisoning, testing to know. Because, when the aluminum ion concentration exceeds 10ppm, microbial activity will have an inhibitory effect, therefore, polyaluminium chloride dosage should not exceed 12.5ppm, if more than 15ppm, it will aerobic microbial activity was significantly inhibited, The above mentioned is added in the second settling pond PAC, the return is not the case, the impact should not be too large, you can take the water determination. Filter water purification material factory than the quality, fight the price, the integrity is done, for the customer to purchase low-cost products to better quality.