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Discussion: Polymeric Ferric Chloride Flocculation Sedimentation effect with less effort

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2017-12-13 14:41:03

Discussion: Polymeric Ferric Chloride Flocculation and Sedimentation with Less Efficacy Different manufacturers need to purify the sewage composition is not the same, which contains the floating gel size, uniformity and nature are not the same, these factors determine the amount of PAC and the amount of flocculation The difference in speed, due to the same specifications of PAC-PAFC flocculation speed will be different, if a user friend intervene in the flocculation speed, may lead to reduced purification effect, or the reaction is not sufficient, resulting in residual PACIF , Resulting in waste of raw materials. For example, poly aluminum ferric chloride flocculant in oily wastewater to achieve a multiplier effect, we must first determine the COD content of oily wastewater, we put in the PACA to conduct a professional test, and Combined with the quality of sewage water, to select the PACU specifications, to find specialized technical personnel for water samples analysis, and then develop the program, if you have not developed a specific program, are empirically added, then, we Filter water purification Poly aluminum chloride iron manufacturers suggest that you do water samples, if you do not have this technology, you can always and our filter source water contact. The quality of filtered water PAC PAC is reasonably priced, courteous service, full PAFC content, high efficiency, widely used in electricity, steel, petroleum, chemical, electronics, hospitals, chemical fiber, printing and dyeing, papermaking, sewage treatment, , Small waterworks, pure water, beverages, seawater desalination and other industries, more than 20 years, with high quality products and good reputation, by the majority of users highly praised and praised.