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Does drinking water have an odor related to the use of polyaluminum chloride?

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2017-12-13 14:41:01

Are odors of drinking water related to the use of polyaluminum chlorides? Only aluminum polyaluminium chlorides are odorless when used in water treatment. If there is odor that may be the taste of disinfectants, as most people use the bleaching powder, has some irritation, can stimulate taste buds taste, or because of the taste of impurities in water, it is recommended that you use Activated carbon for adsorption treatment. Odor of drinking water is related to the use of polyaluminum chloride? Do bleaching powder not suitable for drinking water use, it is recommended to use ozone disinfection, because the bleaching powder has some irritation, harmful to the body, if not add, must be used according to requirements, must not be cut L. If you really because of the use of polyaluminum chloride water odors, it may be because the purchase of polyaluminum chloride containing special substances caused by this time must be purchased PAC products taken to regular institutions Conduct testing to see if the product is safe and secure. Filter water purification plant as a polyaluminum chloride GB drafting unit, each batch of products are layers of inspection, in line with national standards, and to provide customers with water quality analysis, sample processing custom, formula recovery and other business, filter source Water polyaluminium chloride manufacturers look forward to working with you for your cooperation!