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Poly aluminum ferric chloride dosage and the traditional small test method

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2017-12-13 14:41:00

Poly aluminum ferric chloride dosage and the traditional small test method Whether it is to deal with drinking water or sewage treatment, we must do a small test to calculate the correct dosing ratio column, the introduction of Poly aluminum chloride in the most traditional small Prior to the test method, the filter PAC plant strongly recommend that users friends, the following method is only a simple, approximate test method, can not replace the regular laboratory test, if you want to calculate the exact dosage, it is recommended that you go to the local The laboratory department to make the most accurate test analysis. Polyaluminum chloride traditional small test method, filter water purification materials Xiaobian introduced as follows: 1, take 6 beakers and labeled numbers from 1-6, in order to be placed on the test bench. 2, said polymerization of aluminum chloride into the No. 1 beaker 3g, and then into the No. 1 beaker 50ml water, to be dissolved and then diluted with water to 100ml scale, shake well. 3, take the No. 2-6 beaker into each of the sewage to be processed 100ml. 4, the No. 1 beaker poly aluminum chloride liquid into the dropper, and then into the liquid aluminum pipette into the No. 2-6 beaker drip dripping method is: No. 2 beaker drop a drop, No.3 beaker drip two drops, no. 4 beaker drip three drops, no. 4 beaker drip four drops, No.6 beaker drip five drops (Note: after each beaker drip finished, stir the stirrer in a timely manner clockwise, should not be too fast Too fast to destroy flocs). 5, wait 1-3 minutes, observe the changes in the five beakers, which only the large beaker of sewage floc and precipitation speed, is the best ratio of dosing (see the alum in the beaker less, Yuzhu large, the dosage is too small, see the precipitation alum large and turn up, Yuzhuo high, the dosage is too large, should be properly adjusted. 6, according to the proportion of small test dosing, and then calculated in the sewage pond dosing ratio on it. Poly aluminum ferric chloride is used as a chemical flocculant, if used improperly to the human body will cause some harm, as long as reasonable and correct, use it not only not dangerous, but also bring convenience to life, in Specific dosing use, due to the different nature of raw water, should be based on different circumstances, on-site commissioning or beaker test, access to appropriate conditions and appropriate dosage to achieve the desired effect. Prior to use, the efficient polymerization of aluminum ferric chloride by a certain concentration (10-30%) into the divalent alumina pool, tap water mixing to make it fully hydrolyzed, allowed to stand until a reddish brown liquid, and then diluted with water to the desired concentration dosing Coagulation, waterworks can be dubbed 2-5% direct investment, industrial wastewater treatment directly dubbed 5-10% dosing. Dosage determination, according to the nature of the raw water through the production of debugging or beaker experiments alum formation as appropriate. When in use, the prepared PACF PAF liquid is pumped into the measuring tank, and the dosing ratio is metered by adding the medicinal solution and the raw water for dosing. Under normal circumstances, the PAFC medicinal solution needs to be used on the day of preparation, Slight precipitation is a normal phenomenon, to value the value of things to be the ideal dosage