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Poly aluminum chloride down costs more strict quality control

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2017-12-13 14:41:00

Polyaluminum chloride reduced the cost of more strict quality control is not for customers to reduce costs of the enterprise is not a good business, filter water purification PACA manufacturers not only reduce costs, but also for the sake of users, strict quality control in the production Off, PAC ferric flocculant in the increasing demand at home and abroad, after many applications proved that the purchase of filtered water PAC PAC is not high price, can significantly improve the effectiveness of sewage treatment purification, Improve the water quality, with good water purification effect. Poly aluminum ferric chloride PAFC is aluminum-based, iron supplemented by a new type of composite inorganic polymer water purifying agent, iron is high-priced iron, hydrolyzed to form a polynuclear complex, the purified water product has polyaluminum chloride PAC and iron Salt characteristics and characteristics of the PAC to overcome the low temperature and turbidity low water purification difficulties, low temperature, with a large proportion of the formation of alum in water, the formation of alum dense features, due to the aluminum color removal properties, so that Water color greatly reduced, its water purification effect allows users to be very satisfied. Poly aluminum chloride to strict quality control, no matter the price level, no matter what time, the quality is a measure of all the standards, the next, to introduce PAC PAC PAFC use simple process steps: the polymerization of chlorinated Aluminum and iron at room temperature by 1/3 weight ratio while stirring dosing until completely dissolved, and then diluted with water to the desired concentration of raw water concentration of 100 ~ 500mg / dosage of 3 ~ 6mg / I, the specific vote When overtime, water test should be carried out according to the water quality, select the appropriate dosage after the vote will get a multiplier effect.