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Optimistic about the development prospects of spray-type polyaluminium chloride

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2017-12-13 14:28:19

Optimistic about the prospects for the development of spray-type polyaluminium chloride At present, the filter-source water-polyaluminium chloride process has been greatly improved, the technology has also matured, the characteristics and advantages depend on the operating principle of the pressure spray, This type of polyaluminum chloride is white in quantity and the polyaluminum chloride PAC product produced by the pressure spray drying process is porous small particles or hollow small particles exhibiting dust and smoothness, wettability and water treatment speed Are stronger than other powdered products, 40-50% of the aluminum chloride solution into the high-pressure pump, the formation of granular products by the drying sprayer, dehydration and the formation of particles in the production process at the same time. Although the white spray polyaluminium chloride is more expensive, but the hydrolysis speed, soluble in water, hydration is weak, the formation of dense alum, settling speed, affected by changes in water temperature is small, to meet the flow in the process Produce shear force requirements, but also effectively remove the aluminum ions in the source water and residual free aluminum ions in the water after the aluminum salt coagulation, suitable for domestic sewage, drinking water and industrial wastewater treatment, etc., according to the quality of raw water before use Should be the first try to get the best dosage, in order to facilitate the calculation, small test solution configuration weight by volume ratio (W / V), usually with 2 ~ 5% as well.