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How to confirm the dosage of poly ferric sulfate

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2017-11-05 11:03:21

Poly ferric sulfate dosing dosage calculation, the application of poly ferric sulfate for water treatment and effect of this article is not added, the first few articles on how to formulate polyferric sulfate as a liquid, as well as its turbidity, bleaching, Including the removal of heavy metal ions to do a detailed application, this article we focus on the polymerization of ferric sulfate in the process of dosing, how we choose to waste water by its a dosing ratio.


Even though we are using liquid poly ferric sulphate in the process of using it, we still have to formulate it as a 10% to 15% aqueous solution with the exception that when the turbidity of the raw water is high, Direct investment. If you are using solid poly ferric sulfate, we should make it into 10% to 30% of the aqueous solution for dosing, and then according to the specific situation will be with a good solution according to the optimal conditions and dosage, such dosing The only way we can achieve the best flocculation effect is with polyferric sulfate. So how do we dilute the concentration of polyferric sulfate according to turbidity? Through experimentation, we get 30-50 kg of polyferric sulfate per 1000 tons of waste water, generally cloudy (turbidity 100-500 mg / L). The approximate weight ratio is 1: 3.


Sewage treatment enterprises in the use of poly ferric sulfate is usually diluted 2-5 times, and then dosing. According to the nature of the nature of the original water pollutants concentration, the formation of alum appropriate amount of the phenomenon, basically can be done under the same water quality. The amount of poly ferric sulfate and the amount of aluminum chloride is basically the same amount of aluminum sulfate is one-half to one-third of the dosage.


The above is the method of calculating the dosing amount of polyferric sulfate. For us to use poly ferric sulfate treatment of sewage more effectively when using poly ferric sulfate.