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Poly aluminium chloride

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2017-11-03 17:06:52

Poly aluminium chloride is divided into brown, yellow and white color. Polyaluminium chloride is used for paper sizing agent, white sugar decoloring clarificant,tanning,medicine,cosmetics,precision casting and water treatment and other fields.Raw materials is yellow polyaluminium chloride, hydrochloric acid,calcium aluminate powder, bauxite, the main use of sewage disposal and drinking water treatment, when used for water treatment of raw materials is aluminium hydroxide powder, hydrochloric acid, and a bit of calcium aluminate powder,the process is the plate and frame filter or spray drying process, because in drinking water treatment country has strict requirements for heavy metals, and so both raw materials and production process are better than brown polyaluminium chloride.Yellow polyaluminium chloride adopt general drum drying or spray drying tower production and become,flake,powder two solid forms.Brown is the raw material of polyaluminium chloride calcium aluminate powder,hydrochloric acid, bauxite,iron powder. Production technology is using the drum drying method, generally is mainly used in sewage treatment,because it added iron powder and brown in colour, iron powder added the deeper the color, the more iron powder if over a certain amount of iron in some cases, also known as polyaluminium chloride,has a good effect in increase sewage treatment.