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Advantages of Polyacrylamide in sludge dewatering

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2021-07-03 10:50:52

Polyacrylamide is widely used in sewage treatment, especially in sewage desliming, which can not be replaced by any other water purifier. The operation is simple, and the treatment effect is excellent, waiting for people's recognition.


After adding polyacrylamide into the sewage with large amount of sludge, through the action of net catching and adsorption bridge, polyacrylamide flocculation molecules combine with sludge, and then quickly form large granular sludge sand and precipitate to the bottom of the solution to achieve the effect of sludge separation. Then, under the extrusion of the filter press, the water in the sludge is squeezed out, and the sludge is separated out of the machine by the filter press, The rest of the extruded water is processed in the next step. Due to the high molecular mass of polyacrylamide, the sludge mass with larger, stronger and more compact structure can be obtained during sludge dewatering, which is one of the reasons why polyacrylamide can be widely used in sludge dewatering. In the centrifugal dewatering machine of the sludge separator, only the polymer flocculant is effective, and in the belt filter press, only the polymer flocculant is effective.


Polyacrylamide is usually used in the process of sludge dewatering. The dosage of polyacrylamide is closely related to the type of sludge to be dewatered and the treatment equipment. In practical application, the preparation work before wastewater dewatering should be well done, and the dosage of polyacrylamide should be accurately controlled.