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Advantages and disadvantages of industrial polyaluminum chloride

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2021-07-02 10:30:24

As the name suggests, industrial polyaluminum chloride is mostly used for the treatment of industrial water and industrial wastewater. Polyaluminum chloride is divided into industrial polyaluminum chloride and drinking water polyaluminum chloride. According to the difference of production process, industrial polyaluminum chloride is also called roller drying polyaluminum chloride. The general industrial grade polyaluminum chloride is yellow, light yellow and brown granular solid.


The effective content of industrial grade polyaluminum chloride is generally between 20% and 30%. In most cases, when treating water, it only plays the role of flocculation, and is most commonly used in the treatment of industrial wastewater and industrial water. There are many insoluble substances in industrial grade polyaluminium chloride, which often just reach the treatment standard of industrial wastewater. Compared with drinking water grade polyaluminium chloride, it needs higher requirements for insoluble substances. Industrial grade polyaluminum chloride can only be used when the requirement of heavy metal content in industrial wastewater discharge standard is not high, and the content of heavy metal in industrial grade polyaluminum chloride itself is relatively high, and the content of iron is an important factor that causes industrial grade polyaluminum chloride to appear brown.


Although industrial polyaluminum chloride is not as good as drinking water polyaluminum chloride in many aspects, it has better treatment effect in industrial water and industrial wastewater, and is loved by people for its relatively low price.