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Application of polyaluminum chloride in the treatment of sewage in stone factory

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2021-06-30 10:18:21

Polyaluminum chloride has a very good desliming effect in life, and the effect will be more obvious when combined with polyacrylamide.


When cutting and making stone in stone factory, a lot of waste water will be produced, and this kind of waste water contains a lot of sludge. Due to the increase of environmental protection, the waste water can not be directly discharged. It needs to be used again after desliming, which is not only more environmental protection, but also cost saving.


Generally, belt filter press or extrusion filter press will be used in stone factories. Before using polyaluminum chloride, a small amount of waste water from stone factories will be taken and added with 5% concentration polyaluminum chloride aqueous solution. It will be found that the waste water will produce alum immediately, but the precipitation is slow. At this time, adding 0.1% concentration polyacrylamide aqueous solution, the alum will sink immediately, The flocculation effect is very good.


Generally, there are 2-3 dosing buckets in the filter press. We select 2 dosing buckets and add polyaluminum chloride and polyacrylamide respectively. After mixing, they are pumped to the mixing tank on the filter press by dosing pump. In the mixing tank, sewage will also be added to the mixing tank and mixed with liquid medicine. The filter belt slowly takes away a certain amount of mixed liquid. About 2-5 seconds, a large amount of mixed liquid will come out of the sludge, and then the sludge will be sent out of the machine by the filter belt, The purified water is sent to the sedimentation tank, which can be recycled, and the sediment can be sold to the builders to generate corresponding profits.


Therefore, the effect of using polyaluminum chloride and polyacrylamide in stone factory is obvious.