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The basicity of PFS is very important

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2021-06-26 09:31:15

In the conventional production of PFS, the basicity is not only an important index for the production of PFS, but also one of the key factors affecting the use effect of PFS.


So the higher the basicity of PFS is, the better the effect will be? Or the use of PFS needs to change the basicity of PFS according to the actual situation in order to achieve better results?


So let's talk about the significance of the basicity of PFS. The basicity of PFS is expressed as the equivalent percentage of hydroxyl ion and iron ion in PFS, and can also be understood as the amount of hydroxyl ion in PFS. The higher the basicity, the more hydroxyl ions contained in PFS. At the same time, the higher the polymerization degree of PFS, the longer the chain molecular structure, and the better the flocculation effect under certain conditions.


When the basicity of PFS is simply understood as the degree of polymerization, under certain conditions, because the longer the molecular weight of PFS is, the larger the flocculent alum is, the better the precipitation efficiency will be. But there are some sewage in the treatment needs more iron ions, the corresponding hydroxyl ion will be less, then the basicity of PFS is lower.


Therefore, in the use of PFS, although the basicity is very important, but it is not the higher the better. In actual production, we need to select the appropriate PFS according to the situation of sewage treatment, so as to ensure that PFS achieves the desired effect.