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How to operate the small scale test of polyaluminum chloride

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2021-06-26 09:30:56

Before using polyaluminum chloride, many people know that they need to determine the use scheme of polyaluminum chloride after small-scale test, and then put it into large-scale use. Among them, the type, content, dissolved concentration and use method of polyaluminum chloride need to be obtained in small-scale test. So how to carry out the pilot test of polyaluminum chloride?


In the small-scale experiment of polyaluminum chloride, polyaluminum chloride is usually prepared into 5% concentration of aqueous solution. In order to facilitate calculation, 5g polyaluminum chloride solid can be weighed and added to 100ml water to form an aqueous solution of polyaluminum chloride. Then the sewage to be treated is sampled and divided into the same parts, and then polyaluminum chloride can be used for small-scale test.

Use dropper to slowly add polyaluminum chloride aqueous solution to sewage, and use glass rod for stirring to observe the flocculation effect of sewage. If alum appears, it means that polyaluminum chloride has better flocculation effect. Then add different amounts of polyaluminum chloride aqueous solution to sewage sample, and observe which sewage sample is cleaner and clearer after stirring and standing for a period of time. In the process of using polyaluminum chloride, it is sometimes necessary to add some other coagulant aids, such as polyacrylamide, which will speed up the flocculation and sedimentation of sewage to achieve better treatment effect.


According to the small-scale experiment, the specific use method and dosage of polyaluminum chloride in practice can better ensure the effect of sewage treatment.