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The effect of ferric chloride on decolorization is very good

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2021-06-23 17:52:15

Ferric chloride can be used as water purification agent. In the aspect of sewage treatment, ferric chloride is mostly used for decolorization. So today, let's introduce some knowledge of ferric chloride in decolorization treatment.


At present, there are many decolorizing agents in the market, but ferric chloride still occupies an important part. Whether in the decolorization of water treatment or in other decolorization treatment, the use of ferric chloride for decolorization has a good effect. In the process of decolorization, the choice of decolorizer is very important, and ferric chloride has good effect in most industries.


In the process of wastewater treatment, wastewater decolorization is a key step, and the amount of ferric chloride used in wastewater decolorization is more. Especially in some textile and printing and dyeing industry wastewater treatment, more ferric chloride decolorizer is used.


Ferric chloride has very strong oxidizability. According to this characteristic, it can treat the chroma of sewage, so that the sewage treatment can achieve the ideal effect. Therefore, the strong oxidizability of ferric chloride can not only achieve good decolorization effect in sewage treatment, but also have strong removal effect on nitrogen, phosphorus, COD, oil and other organic matters in sewage, Also has good sterilization, in addition to odor and other characteristics.