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How to adjust pH value of ferrous sulfate in wastewater treatment

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2021-06-19 10:53:10

Ferrous sulfate will be used as iron supplement for animals and plants, as well as soil acid-base regulation in daily life. This is because ferrous sulfate belongs to acidic iron salt, and the dissolved ferrous sulfate solution will be acidic. In the process of wastewater treatment, acidic ferrous sulfate needs to adjust the pH value of the wastewater, and then add ferrous sulfate for wastewater treatment.


Ferrous sulfate in sewage treatment, the first sewage pH value measurement, according to the sewage pH value to add acid-base additives, adjust the sewage to pH value between 8-10, adding ferrous sulfate in sewage treatment effect will be better. Because ferrous sulfate is acidic, so most of the time the use of alkaline additives, will be acidic sewage price adjustment to alkaline. Therefore, most of the time, we will use quicklime to adjust the pH value of sewage every year. As alkaline quicklime, after being added to the sewage, we can adjust the pH value of acidic sewage to 8-10, so that we can use ferrous sulfate squarely.


When ferrous sulfate is added to the waste water treated by quicklime, because quicklime is willing to produce a certain coagulation effect on the alkaline charge ions in the water body, the flocculation effect of ferrous sulfate will be greatly improved after adding ferrous sulfate, so as to make the water purification effect of ferrous sulfate more excellent.


However, whether adding ferrous sulfate or quicklime, it is necessary to determine the dosage before adding. Excessive use of ferrous sulfate and quicklime not only can not achieve the expected effect, but also has a great impact on the later sewage treatment.