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What are the similarities and differences between ferric trichloride and ferric trichloride hexahydr

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2021-06-18 11:29:24

Ferric chloride is usually seen as black brown particles or powder in daily life, which plays an important role in industrial production, water treatment and other industries. But when customers buy ferric chloride, there are often two kinds of ferric chloride, one is hexahydrate ferric chloride, the other is ferric chloride. What's the difference?


Ferric chloride generally refers to the compound without crystal water, which is expressed by the molecular formula FeCl3. This form of ferric chloride has very light water absorption, and will absorb water in the air when exposed to the air, causing deliquescence. When ferric chloride absorbs some water in the air, it will form hexahydrate ferric chloride containing crystal water. Therefore, the simple way to distinguish is that ferric chloride does not contain water, while hexahydrate ferric chloride contains water. From the appearance, ferric chloride is black brown solid, while hexahydrate ferric chloride is yellow brown solid, the difference is very obvious.


It can be seen from the above introduction that there is no big difference between the two kinds of ferric trichloride, which can be used for some normal use of ferric trichloride. The difference between the two kinds of ferric chloride is that one does not contain water, and the corresponding purity is higher, while the other contains water, and the corresponding purity is lower. Under the same use conditions, the effect of ferric chloride will be higher than that of ferric chloride hexahydrate.


At the time of purchase, we need to choose ferric chloride according to our own actual situation. The difference between the two kinds of ferric chloride is not big, but there will be some differences in price. Reasonable choice of ferric chloride can save cost.