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The role of basic aluminum chloride in industrial water treatment

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2021-06-17 11:52:37

Can basic aluminum chloride play a role in water treatment and purification? It is understood that aluminum chloride can be used in the following industrial water treatment.


1. the hardness of water consumed in the coagulation of aluminum chloride is less than that of various inorganic coagulants under the equal dosage, and the pH value of treatment water is also reduced. Therefore, when treating water, especially in the treatment of high concentration water, it is possible to add no or less alkaline additives and coagulant aids.


2. alkaline aluminum chloride has a unique effect in the treatment of papermaking and printing and dyeing sewage.


3. the formation of basic aluminum chloride flocculates is faster and the sedimentation rate is high, so the reaction and precipitation time can be shortened, and the production capacity is 1.5-3 times higher under the corresponding conditions.


4. the decolorization ability of alkaline aluminum chloride is better than other inorganic water purifiers, so it has a good effect in the treatment of dyeing wastewater.


Because of its high activity, high dosage, strong adaptability, fast dissolution, fast precipitation, deodorization, decolorization, fluorine removal, aluminum, chromium, phenol, oil removal, turbidity removal, heavy metal salt removal and radioactive pollution removal, the application range of aluminum chloride has been developed from water purification to wastewater treatment, and other industries, such as foundry, light industry and medicine, Mechanical aspects. The production raw materials and process flow have also developed to a variety. Now we start to study and find that the solid products of aluminum chloride should be added with water and dissolved. The dilution ratio is generally 5% - 20% (weight percentage), and 15 g / T is used. After flocculation and sedimentation, the radioactive substances can be removed effectively when they are left for 24 hours.