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How to determine the concentration ratio of polyaluminum chloride in solid solution

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2021-06-17 11:51:55

The appearance of polyaluminum chloride varies greatly with its process, application and content. However, at present, most of polyaluminum chloride is mainly powder solid. In water treatment, solid polyaluminum chloride needs to be dissolved and proportioned. So, what is the appropriate concentration of polyaluminum chloride solution?


To configure the appropriate concentration of polyaluminum chloride aqueous solution, we need to have a basic understanding of the dissolution of polyaluminum chloride. When polyaluminum chloride is dissolved in water, there are two reactions, one is physical reaction, the other is chemical reaction. Among them, the physical reaction is the dissolution of polyaluminum chloride into water, which belongs to the common dissolution reaction, while the chemical reaction is the hydrolysis reaction accompanied by the dissolution of polyaluminum chloride, and because of the particularity of aluminum, the double hydrolysis reaction occurs during the hydrolysis. In this process, when the content of aluminum in polyaluminum chloride is too small, the effective components in the water will rapidly decrease, resulting in the failure to achieve the desired water purification effect. At this time, the content of aluminum must be increased.


Therefore, the concentration of polyaluminum chloride is generally between 5% and 10%, and the ratio of concentration is generally large. The specific value of this concentration needs to be adjusted according to our own actual situation. Such as according to the concentration of treated water, water treatment equipment and many other factors. The more effective method is to carry out laboratory test, so as to get the reasonable concentration of polyaluminum chloride solution.


The concentration of polyaluminum chloride before use needs to be strictly controlled. If the concentration is too low or too high, it will have a greater impact on the later use effect, which is also a matter we need to understand when using polyaluminum chloride.