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Application of polyaluminum chloride in some industries

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2021-06-16 10:37:17

Polyaluminum chloride can be used to treat drinking water, urban sewage and industrial wastewater. Polyaluminum chloride can be used to remove all kinds of pollutants such as iron, manganese, fluorine, oil, pigment, radioactive substances, toxic substances and other harmful substances in sewage, so as to achieve a very good water purification effect.


Polyaluminum chloride has a good effect on water purification and sludge dewatering. It is widely used in some refractory and stone factories. Sludge dewatering can be carried out on the waste water after use, and then the water can be reused. The remaining sediment is still a good building material, so it is widely used in these industries.


Polyaluminum chloride can also be used in most industrial wastewater treatment, such as the use of polyaluminum chloride in tannery wastewater can achieve 97% removal rate of SS, 95% removal rate of chroma, 75% removal rate of COD, 90% removal rate of sulfide, etc. In the printing and dyeing industry wastewater treatment, because this kind of wastewater contains a lot of COD, it is generally more difficult to treat, but the use of polyaluminum chloride can achieve about 90% COD removal rate of printing and dyeing wastewater, which is of great significance in the printing and dyeing industry at present. Polyaluminum chloride can reduce aluminum, chromium and other metal ions in the wastewater, and also can effectively remove various pollutants in the wastewater.