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Matters needing attention in using polyacrylamide in tap water

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2021-06-15 13:46:58

Polyacrylamide is one of the most widely used water purification chemicals in waterworks. However, because the residual monomer acrylamide in polyacrylamide has great toxicity, the polyacrylamide used in waterworks is generally food grade polyacrylamide, so as to ensure that the treated water is not harmful to people's health.


Water treatment in Waterworks involves people's life and health, so many kinds of water purification agents are used in waterworks, such as polyacrylamide, polyaluminum chloride, bleaching powder and so on. Waterworks generally use rivers and lakes as raw water, generally need to go through the treatment of water purification agents such as polyaluminum chloride and polyacrylamide to remove the turbidity of raw water with high turbidity, and then through the corresponding later water treatment processes to get drinking water in people's daily life.


The toxicity of Polyacrylamide in qualified products and reasonable methods of use, and will not cause great impact on people, but as people contact with tap water, in the case of very few into many, it will still cause certain impact on people, so the water plant use of polyacrylamide and some other water purification agents must have strict indicators and standardized methods of use.