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Advantages of polyaluminum chloride in industrial wastewater treatment

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2021-06-15 11:48:39

Polyaluminum chloride is the most widely used water purification agent at present, which has good performance in industrial water treatment.


In the actual industrial water treatment, polyaluminum chloride not only has a strong flocculation and turbidity removal effect, but also has a good decolorization and humus removal effect. At this time, the traditional water purification agents do not have the same characteristics. In the actual use of polyaluminum chloride, under the same conditions, it not only has better flocculation effect, but also uses less than the general aluminum salt water purification agent, and the water treated by polyaluminum chloride is clear, which is easier to meet the relevant national standards.


Polyaluminum chloride has a wide range of pH value in wastewater treatment. Due to the diversity and complexity of industrial wastewater, the pH value of wastewater fluctuates greatly. Traditional water purification agents often need to add the corresponding alkaline or acidic additives to use, and polyaluminum chloride can well treat this kind of wastewater. Water temperature has little effect on PAC, so PAC has good treatment effect no matter how the environment changes, such as summer or winter.


Another advantage of polyaluminum chloride is that the residual aluminum ions in the treated water are less, generally between 40 and 50 μ Compared with traditional water purification agents such as aluminum sulfate, the residual amount in water is much smaller. And polyaluminum chloride has a good solid-liquid separation effect, so it has a good role in the treatment of industrial sludge.